Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Downtown Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain.

According to toppharmacyschools, Chattanooga is a city in the south of the American state of Tennessee and has a population of 182,000 with an agglomeration of 568,000 inhabitants (2021).


Chattanooga is located on the Tennessee River in the south of the state of the same name, on the border with Georgia. Also, the border with Alabama is not far. The city has a population of 183,000 and is located on both the north and south banks of the Tennessee River, with the majority on the south bank. Some suburbs are also in Georgia. The metropolitan area has a total population of 565,000, making Chattanooga one of the 4 major metropolitan areas of Tennessee. The city is a fairly important hub in the Southeast American highway network.

Road network

In Chattanooga, I-24, which comes from Nashville, ends here as well as I-59 from Birmingham. I-75 runs along the east side of town, coming from Atlanta and heading toward Knoxville. I-124 is an unsigned Interstate Highway over which US 27 runs, the highway to Dayton. SR-111 is a new highway in the north of the metropolitan area, and runs to Cookeville. SR-153 is a bypass on the east side of Chattanooga. In addition, several regular US Highways intersect in the city, namely US 11, US 41, US 64, US 76 and US 127.


Since Chattanooga is a major highway interchange, one of Tennessee’s first highways opened around this city, such as I-75 in 1963 and I-24 in 1965. Most highways around Chattanooga were built in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until well into the 1970s that connections to other major cities such as Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, and Birmingham were all ready.


Chattanooga’s highway network is adequately equipped with capacity, so there is hardly any congestion. Interstate 24 is the most prone to traffic congestion because it has only 2×2 lanes west of downtown and is heavily used by truck traffic.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

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