Clinton County, Illinois

Clinton County, Illinois

According to Educationvv, Clinton County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. The county seat is Carlyle, and the largest city is Centralia. As of the 2010 census, Clinton County had a population of 37,762 people. Clinton County was established on January 2, 1824 and was named after DeWitt Clinton, an early politician in New York State.

The total area of Clinton County is 446 square miles and is home to numerous rivers and streams including the Kaskaskia River, Big Muddy River, Little Muddy River, Crooked Creek and Shoal Creek. The terrain varies from rolling hills to flat prairies with fertile farmland making up much of the landscape. The climate in Clinton County is humid continental with cold winters and hot humid summers.

The economy of Clinton County relies heavily on agriculture as well as manufacturing and retail services. Major agricultural products include corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and dairy products while major employers include Caterpillar Inc., Centralia Foundry & Machine Co., USG Corporation and Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse among others.

Clinton County has several attractions that visitors can enjoy including the historic Carlyle Lake Dam & Visitor Center which offers fishing opportunities as well as educational programs about fish and wildlife management; the Breese Area Museum which displays artifacts from local history; The Historic Vandalia State House which served as Illinois’ first state capitol building; and many more museums, parks & recreational areas throughout the county such as Southside Park in Centralia or Wabash Park & Campground near Aviston.

In addition to its many attractions for visitors to enjoy, Clinton County also has a variety of educational opportunities available for residents including two public school districts (Aviston School District #21 & Centralia School District #135), two private schools (St Mary’s Catholic School & Carlyle Christian Academy) as well as Kaskaskia College which provides higher education courses for both traditional students & adult learners alike.

Clinton County provides a unique blend of rural lifestyle with modern amenities – making it an ideal destination for both visitors & residents alike.

History of Clinton County, Illinois

Clinton County, Illinois is located in the south-central region of the state and was established in 1824. It is named after DeWitt Clinton, who served as Governor of New York from 1817 to 1823. The county covers an area of 474 square miles and has a population of around 37,000 people.

The area was first settled in the early 1800s by French trappers and traders who were drawn to the area’s abundance of waterways and wildlife. As settlers began to arrive in greater numbers, townships were established throughout the county. By 1840, Clinton County had grown to include a number of villages and towns such as Carlyle, Breese, Aviston, Trenton, Centralia, and New Baden.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Clinton County saw a surge in agricultural production due to its fertile soil and plentiful water resources. Corn was grown on many farms throughout the county as well as other crops such as oats, wheat, rye, hay, tobacco, apples and peaches. The arrival of the railroad also helped spur economic growth by making it easier for farmers to transport their goods to markets outside of the county.

The 20th century brought further development within Clinton County with improvements made to existing infrastructure such as roads and bridges that connected communities within the county together as well as with other parts of Illinois. In addition to agriculture-related industries that continued to thrive throughout this period such as dairy farming and poultry production; new businesses such as manufacturing plants opened up shop in some areas providing additional employment opportunities for local residents.

Today, Clinton County remains largely agricultural but has diversified its economy over time with a number of businesses now operating within its borders including retail stores, restaurants/bars/cafes/breweries/distilleries; financial services; healthcare providers; educational institutions; transportation services; construction companies; energy producers; IT firms among others. This diversity helps ensure that residents have access to a variety of job options while also helping sustain small-town life which is still very much alive in many parts of Clinton County today despite its relatively small size when compared with other counties across Illinois.

Major cities and towns in Clinton County, Illinois

Clinton County, Illinois is a small county located in the southern part of the state, bordered by Marion and Washington counties to the north, St. Clair County to the east, Randolph and Monroe Counties to the south, and Bond County to the west. The county seat is Carlyle, although there are several other cities and towns located throughout the area.

Carlyle is a city of approximately 3,000 people located in central Clinton County. It is home to numerous attractions such as the Carlyle Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area which provides opportunities for fishing, boating, hunting, camping and hiking; as well as a number of historical sites including Fort Kaskaskia State Historic Site which includes an old French fort dating back to 1733.

Breese is another small town located in Clinton County with a population of about 3,300 people. It is home to several businesses including restaurants/bars/cafes/breweries/distilleries; retail stores; financial services; healthcare providers; educational institutions; transportation services; construction companies; energy producers; IT firms among others. The city also features numerous recreational activities such as golfing at Breese Municipal Golf Course or visiting one of its two parks – Memorial Park which includes a baseball field and basketball court or Central Park which features playgrounds and walking trails.

Aviston is a town located about 10 miles south-east of Breese with a population of around 1,400 people. It has long been known for its annual Aviston Days celebration held every summer since 1965 featuring carnival rides, live music performances from local bands and various food vendors offering up delicious treats like funnel cakes and corn dogs. The town also offers visitors plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing at Aviston Lake or hiking along one of its many nature trails that wind through nearby forests.

Trenton is another small town in Clinton County with a population of approximately 1,000 people located about 12 miles east of Breese near the intersection of Interstate 64 and US Highway 50. Trenton has plenty to offer visitors including historic sites such as the Old Stone House Museum which chronicles life in early 19th century Trenton or nearby Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site where Abraham Lincoln lived during his formative years before becoming president in 1861.

Centralia is by far the largest city within Clinton County with over 13 thousand inhabitants according to 2019 estimates (although this number has dropped significantly since its peak population size in 1970). Centralia was founded in 1853 due largely to coal mining operations set up nearby but today it’s better known for its abundance of outdoor recreation options ranging from golf courses (such as Greenview Golf Course) or parks like Foundation Park which offers swimming pools, tennis courts and picnic areas among other amenities.

New Baden rounds out this list with roughly 1 thousand residents living within its borders according to 2019 estimates (down from around 3 thousand just ten years ago). New Baden was founded by German immigrants in 1855 but today it’s better known for being home to some delicious restaurants like Lohrmann’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor or The Olde Mill Restaurant & Lounge where you can find some great food after spending time outdoors exploring one of New Baden’s many parks like Lindendale Park featuring basketball courts or Central Park offering horseshoe pits and playground equipment for kids among other amenities.

Airports in Clinton County, Illinois

Clinton County, Illinois

According to, Clinton County, Illinois is home to two airports that offer a range of services for both local and international travelers. The Centralia Municipal Airport (KENL) is located just outside the city limits of Centralia, IL and serves as the primary airport in the county. The airport is equipped with a single 4,000-foot runway and offers a variety of services such as aircraft fueling, maintenance, charter flights, flight instruction and more. In addition to the airport’s on-site amenities, KENL also has close proximity to hotels, restaurants and other attractions in Centralia.

The second airport in Clinton County is Aviston Municipal Airport (KAVQ). This smaller airfield is located near Aviston, IL and provides a much more rural atmosphere than its larger neighbor in Centralia. KAVQ features one 3,000-foot runway and provides basic services such as aircraft fueling and maintenance. As with KENL, Aviston Municipal Airport enjoys close proximity to local attractions like nearby lakes or hiking trails that can be found throughout Clinton County’s countryside.

Both KENL and KAVQ are well maintained facilities that offer safe operations for all types of aircraft ranging from small private planes to large commercial jets. Both airports offer 24/7 customer service with personnel available to assist with any needs travelers may have while en route or upon arrival at either facility. Additionally, both airports are staffed by certified air traffic controllers who provide clearances for takeoffs as well as guidance during landings at either location.

In summary, Clinton County’s two airports provide a great option for those looking to travel into or out of the area without having to worry about long drives or connecting flights through another major hub like Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). Whether you’re looking for quick access from one part of the county to another or simply need an easy way into town after arriving by plane from somewhere else in the world both KENL & KAVQ have you covered.

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