Crowley County, Colorado

Crowley County, Colorado

According to Educationvv, Crowley County is a county located in southeastern Colorado, USA. It is the seventh-least populous county in the state, with an estimated population of 5,919 in 2020. The county seat and largest city is Ordway. Crowley County was established in 1889 and named after John H. Crowley, a prominent rancher, banker, and railroad executive from the area.

The county covers an area of 1,270 square miles and is bordered by Kiowa County to the north, Otero County to the east, Bent County to the south and Pueblo County to the west. It is primarily a rural area with a few small towns scattered throughout its boundaries. The terrain of Crowley County consists mostly of rolling plains with some hills and mesas rising from the flatlands. The Arkansas River runs through the center of the county from east to west providing irrigation for many farms in the area.

The climate of Crowley County is semi-arid with hot summers and cold winters. Average high temperatures range from 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months while average low temperatures range from 10-30 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. Average annual precipitation totals are around 14 inches with most falling between April and October as thunderstorms are common during this time period due to warm air masses moving up from Mexico into Colorado’s Front Range region.

Crowley County contains two incorporated municipalities: Ordway which serves as both county seat and largest city; Olney Springs which serves as a smaller town located on Highway 71 just south of Ordway; and several smaller unincorporated communities such as Sugar City, Manzanola, Sugarloaf Mountain Park, Aroya, Chivington, Koehler Estates Mobile Home Park, Wild Horse Mobile Home Park,and others scattered throughout its boundaries..

The economy of Crowley County relies heavily on agriculture especially wheat production due to its proximity to Kansas wheat fields as well as other crops such as corn and sunflowers which are grown in abundance here due to its ideal climate for these types of crops. Cattle ranching is also popular here along with oil & gas production which brings jobs into this rural community. Other industries that provide employment include transportation & warehousing, manufacturing, construction, retail trade, healthcare & social assistance, educational services, professional & scientific services, finance & insurance services, public administration services among others.

Crowley County offers residents a peaceful rural lifestyle away from big city hustle bustle while still providing them with plenty of opportunities for employment. With its beautiful landscapes full of rolling plains dotted by small towns it’s no wonder that many people choose this area for their home.

History of Crowley County, Colorado

Crowley County, Colorado is located in the southeastern corner of the state and has a rich history. It was first inhabited by Native Americans before the Spanish arrived in the late 1700s. The area was then explored by settlers in the mid-1800s and officially became Crowley County in 1889. The county was named after John W. Crowley, who served as a state senator from 1876 to 1883.

In the late 1800s, Crowley County saw a boom of settlers drawn to its fertile soil and plentiful water resources. At that time, most of the county’s economy was based on ranching and agriculture, with wheat being one of the major crops grown in the area. As more settlers came to Crowley County, small towns began to be established throughout it. These towns provided services such as banking, stores, schools, churches and post offices that helped shape what is today’s rural community.

Throughout the twentieth century, Crowley County continued to grow as many new industries moved into it. This included oil refining and coal mining which were both major economic activities for much of this period. In addition to this industry growth, there were also advances made in education with several school districts being created throughout Crowley County during this time period as well as improvements made to roads and other infrastructure projects that allowed for easier travel within the county and more efficient delivery of goods and services from outside areas into it.

Major cities and towns in Crowley County, Colorado

Crowley County, Colorado is home to a number of cities and towns. The county seat is Ordway, the largest city in Crowley County. It was founded in 1889 and is located in the northern part of the county. Ordway has a population of about 1,700 people and serves as the hub for many of the county’s businesses and government offices.

Another important city in Crowley County is Olney Springs which was established in 1906 and has a population of about 500 people. This small town is known for its vibrant agricultural industry which includes wheat farming, cattle ranching, and dairy production.

The town of Sugar City is located in the western part of Crowley County and was founded in 1911. This community boasts a population of nearly 800 people and provides services such as banking, stores, schools, churches, and post offices for its citizens.

The town of Manzanola is located just south of Sugar City along Highway 96. This small community was established at the turn of the century and has grown to include over 500 residents today. The town offers services such as grocery stores, restaurants, banks, churches, gas stations, schools, parks, libraries, museums and much more for its citizens to enjoy.

In addition to these larger cities/towns, there are also numerous smaller communities throughout Crowley County such as Crowley Creek Village (population 400), Kim (population 300), Williamsburg (population 200), Hasty (population 100) and others that make up this rural part of Colorado with their own unique histories. Each one plays an important role in providing services for local citizens while also contributing to the overall economy of Crowley County as a whole.

Airports in Crowley County, Colorado

Crowley County, Colorado

According to, Crowley County, Colorado is home to a number of airports that provide air services to the county’s citizens and visitors. The primary airport in the county is the Ordway Municipal Airport which is located in the city of Ordway and serves as the hub for most of Crowley County’s aviation activity. This airport has two paved runways and offers services such as air taxi, charter flights, flight training, aircraft maintenance, and recreational flying.

The Olney Springs Municipal Airport is located in Olney Springs and serves as a reliever airport for Ordway. It features one paved runway and provides similar services to those found at Ordway but on a smaller scale.

The Sugar City Airport is located east of Sugar City and was built in 1935. This airport has two paved runways and provides air taxi services to local businesses, recreational flyers, medical transport services, charter flights, air ambulance service, firefighting operations support, aerial photography services, crop dusting operations support, aerial tours of Crowley County attractions, flight training programs for pilots-in-training from all over the region.

Finally, there are several smaller airports scattered throughout Crowley County including the Williamsburg Airport which was built in 1949 as an agricultural airfield; Kim Airfield which features one grass runway; Hasty Airfield which has one asphalt runway; Crowley Creek Village Airport which has one dirt runway; and several other airstrips that provide general aviation opportunities for local pilots.

These airports provide important air transportation opportunities for residents of Crowley County while also offering recreational activities such as sightseeing tours of local attractions or flight training courses for aspiring pilots in the area.

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