Discoloration Definition and Meaning

The concept of bleaching, derived from the Latin word decoloratio, refers to the act and result of bleaching. This verb, which can also be named as discolor, alludes to soften or eliminate color.

For example: “I am looking for a natural product for hair discoloration”, “The successive washes will gradually produce discoloration of the pants”, “The director of the museum called a restorer to determine how to reverse the discoloration of the famous painting.

Hair bleaching is one of the most common aesthetic treatments. Many people want to lighten the color of their hair, for which they use different products. It is important to keep in mind that certain substances used for bleaching are actually harmful to the hair and even to the body. That is why it is important to resort to those products that are recommended by professional stylists.

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On a general level, to bleach hair you first need to alter its outer layer, known as the cuticle. Once the scales open, the bleaching substance reaches the inside of the hair and acts on the natural pigments. Thus, progressively, discoloration develops, which changes the tone of the hair little by little.

Many people want to bleach their hair for aesthetic reasons, since blonde is preferred by most, although the most attractive people in the world tend to have it dark brown or black. If we look at the fashion trends of the last forty or fifty years, we will notice that this preference has always been present.

There are several ways to cause hair bleaching, many of which can be carried out at home with products that are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. On the one hand, there are specific products, which are bought in beauty stores, but there is also hydrogen peroxide and even certain foods, such as lemon, which are very effective in this task.

The first step to success in hair bleaching is having well-defined goals; In other words, we must look for examples of people who have achieved the shade we like to find out which products work best, always taking into account the properties of our hair, especially the color. A simple search on the Internet can solve these doubts in a few minutes.

Among the products that we need to buy to bleach our hair are the following, each one with an essential function:

* bleaching powder – sold in jars or packets;

* cream developer : we must choose this one taking into account the natural color of our hair. For blonde or light brown, a 10 to 20 volume is recommended. For dark brown or black, you should use the 20 volume one and let it act longer. It never hurts to ask for advice in the store to avoid unnecessary mistakes;

* toners : used to obtain a platinum appearance. Basically, its action consists of matching the color obtained after bleaching and neutralizing coppery tones;

* reddish gold corrector : it should be added to the bleaching powder to enhance its action and avoid the need to repeat the whole process;

*purple shampoo – is great for getting rid of yellow and brassy tones. It is not advisable to use it very frequently, since it can leave purple stains.

Fading of exterior paint, on the other hand, is common due to the action of sunlight, humidity and other environmental factors. The most resistant paints are those with additives that allow them to withstand inclement weather.

Another frequent process of discoloration occurs in clothing. Sometimes, the discoloration is generated on purpose with an aesthetic intention.


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