Eforie Nord, Romania

Eforie Nord, Romania

Eforie Nord is a popular balneological resort in Romania. It is located on the Black Sea coast at the latitude of Nice and Monaco, and due to the unique microclimate it is often compared with the Dead Sea resorts. The main value of Eforie-Nord is Lake Techirghiol, where special healing mud is mined, which cures skin diseases, rheumatism and diseases of the musculoskeletal system in record time. In addition, rest at this resort is recommended for people who are often prone to stress and depression.


The history of the resort goes back more than 100 years: the first sanatorium was built here in 1894 and belonged to the Bucharest civil hospital. And already at the beginning of the 20th century, a variety of villas, mansions, hotels, restaurants and other infrastructure, necessary or simply pleasant for resort life, appeared in the resort. In 1924, the mud of Lake Techirghiol received a gold medal at the international exhibition in Paris, which predetermined the popularity of Eforie Nord in Europe. Today the resort is very popular also because, with the equivalence of therapeutic possibilities, it is the cheapest of the resorts of this profile. See Andyeducation for education and training in Romania.

Weather in Eforie Nord

The climate in the resort is maritime, with hot summers, warm winters and low rainfall. It is usually very sunny here, which makes it possible to combine a course of treatment and a beach holiday.


The second largest health resort in Romania, Eforie Nord is known not only in its own country, but also far beyond its borders. The treatment here is based on the use of sapropelic mud, which is extracted from Lake Techirghiol. They are used to treat gynecological diseases, metabolic and skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

A simple legend is connected with the lake, according to which the Turk Tekir, who suffers from rheumatism, became the discoverer of the miraculous properties of the lake. After swimming in the lake, he felt better, which led him to certain thoughts. Since then, it has been called “Tekirovo Lake” and is becoming more and more popular year by year.

The mud of the lake is characterized by a high degree of viscosity and fine granulation. They contain a large amount of estrogens and biostimulants. Humus and enzymes contained in it contribute to the regeneration of human tissues. In addition, these muds have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is important for many diseases: the removal of pain in itself brings relief.

The density of water in Lake Techirghiol is 6 times higher than that of the sea: lake water is a suspension of healing mud particles. Bathing in the lake enhances the healing effect of the use of mud and has a beneficial effect on the body. Also, local highly ionized air has an additional therapeutic effect.

In Eforie-Nord, not only are treated, but also come for rejuvenation. Anna Aslan’s local science center is unique. His activities are devoted to research into the problems of early aging and the possibilities of combating it. The achievements of this medical institution are generally recognized, and the unique rejuvenating techniques developed by its specialists have found their application not only in the treatment of ailments, but also in cosmetology. For many years now, people have been coming to Eforie-Nord to undergo a rejuvenation course using the famous Gerovital, Aslavital, Boicil, Pell Amar preparations developed in the center. Unfortunately, the Eforie-Nord resort could not give anyone eternal youth, but the cosmetic effect after a cycle of procedures is obvious.

One of the features of the resort is that the local mud, despite the high concentration of biologically active substances, can be used in pediatrics, so in Europe it has the glory of a “children’s” resort.


Hotels, boarding houses, the private sector and sanatoriums of the resort are ready to simultaneously receive about 19,000 people. Accommodation options are offered with varying degrees of comfort, but the staff works conscientiously everywhere.

Some resort hotels (1-3 *) have their own medical base, they have pools with a high concentration of salt in the water. This water from Lake Techirghiol is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system. You can diversify resort life with excursions and visits to museums in the vicinity of the resort.


The beach in Eforie Nord is sandy, has a width of 20 to 100 meters. In some places, the vegetation rises to the water, in some places the beach is blocked from the winds by dunes. The beach is equipped with everything that is in demand on the beach: water sports equipment, sun loungers, umbrellas, bars and cafes. In addition, the beaches are equipped with showers and containers with healing mud, so many vacationers look very picturesque.

Entertainment and attractions of Eforie Nord

There are many attractions around, both historical and natural. These are the Murfatlar vineyard, the remains of the Kallatis fortress, the Istrian fortress, the Genoese lighthouse, the Mangalia stud farm. The geographical position of Eforie Nord is such that from here it is very convenient to go to the city of Constanta, the distance is 15 km.

Eforie Nord, Romania

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