Kent County, Maryland

Kent County, Maryland

According to Educationvv, Kent County, Maryland is located in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay region and offers visitors a glimpse into the history and culture of this unique part of the country. With a population of over 20,000 people, Kent County is one of Maryland’s smallest counties but it offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors. The county seat is Chestertown, which was founded in 1706 and is home to Washington College, one of the oldest colleges in America.

In addition to being historically significant, Kent County also boasts some impressive natural features. The county has more than 50 miles of shoreline along the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, making it an ideal spot for kayaking, fishing, boating and other outdoor activities. The county also includes several state parks such as Fairlee Creek State Park which offers camping and hiking trails; Pickering Creek State Park which features wildlife viewing areas; and Eastern Neck Island National Wildlife Refuge which protects hundreds of species of birds.

The economy in Kent County relies heavily on agriculture as well as tourism due to its proximity to major cities like Baltimore and Washington D.C. Agriculture plays an important role in the local economy with corn, soybeans, wheat and tobacco being some of the major crops grown in the area. Tourism also brings many visitors to Kent County each year who come to enjoy its natural beauty as well as its rich history.

Kent County is a great place for visitors looking for a relaxing getaway or those interested in exploring Maryland’s unique culture and history. With its beautiful scenery and wide range of outdoor activities available, there’s something for everyone here.

History of Kent County, Maryland

Kent County, Maryland is the second oldest county in the state and was officially established in 1642. The area was originally inhabited by Native Americans and was known as the Nanticoke Indian Reservation. In 1683, the first English settlers arrived in the area and began to establish farms and plantations. As more settlers moved into Kent County, more towns were established including Chestertown which became the county seat in 1706.

During the Revolutionary War, Kent County played a major role in providing food supplies to George Washington’s troops during their march to Yorktown. In 1867, a new courthouse was built in Chestertown which still stands today as a testament to Kent County’s long history.

In addition to its rich history, Kent County also has an impressive cultural heritage with several unique festivals and events held throughout the year. The annual Chestertown Tea Party Festival celebrates local history with reenactments of the original tea party that took place on May 23rd 1774 while other festivals such as the Waterman’s Day Festival celebrate traditional Chesapeake Bay culture with boat races, seafood feasts and oyster shucking contests.

Today, Kent County is home to over 20,000 people who work in agriculture, tourism and retail industries or commute to nearby cities like Baltimore or Washington D.C for employment opportunities. With its rich history and cultural heritage combined with its natural beauty and recreational activities available, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this part of Maryland home.

Major cities and towns in Kent County, Maryland

Kent County, Maryland is home to several cities and towns with each one offering something unique to visitors. The county seat of Chestertown is the largest city in Kent County and is known for its beautiful riverfront views, historic buildings and vibrant downtown area. Chestertown also hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year such as the Chestertown Tea Party Festival which celebrates local history with reenactments of the original tea party that took place in 1774.

Galena is another popular city located in Kent County which is known for its peaceful atmosphere and small-town charm. This city features a variety of shops, restaurants and galleries as well as a waterfront park where visitors can enjoy fishing or take in views of the Chester River.

Other towns located in Kent County include Betterton, Still Pond, Kennedyville, Millington, Rock Hall and Worton. Betterton is situated on the Chesapeake Bay and features a picturesque boardwalk while Still Pond is home to an old-fashioned general store that has been serving locals since 1872. Kennedyville offers visitors a glimpse into rural life with its charming Victorian homes while Millington provides access to outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and boating at nearby Tuckahoe State Park. Rock Hall is known for its seafood restaurants and marinas while Worton boasts beautiful views of farmland from its elevated perch along the Sassafras River.

each town within Kent County has something special to offer visitors looking for a peaceful getaway or those interested in exploring Maryland’s unique culture and history. From waterfront activities to historic sites, there’s something for everyone here.

Airports in Kent County, Maryland

Kent County, Maryland

According to, Kent County, Maryland is home to several airports that serve as a hub for local and international travel. The most prominent airport in the area is the Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport which is located just outside of Salisbury and serves as a hub for domestic flights. This airport offers daily flights to major cities such as Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City. It also provides access to international destinations such as Toronto, London, Mexico City and Cancun.

The Chestertown-Kent County Airport is located just outside of Chestertown and primarily serves small private planes. The airport offers both transient parking spaces as well as tie-down spots for those looking to store their planes overnight or longer term. The Chestertown-Kent County Airport is also home to several flight schools that provide instruction in both single engine aircrafts as well as multiengine aircrafts.

The Kentmorr Airpark is another popular airport in the county which primarily serves recreational pilots who fly ultralight aircrafts or gliders. This airpark offers visitors access to a grass runway with a length of 2,000 feet which allows pilots to practice takeoffs and landings under controlled conditions. Additionally, the Kentmorr Airpark also features an onsite restaurant that serves up delicious meals with views of the runway.

Kent County has plenty of airports available for travelers looking to fly in or out of the area. From major international hubs like Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport to smaller airstrips such as Kentmorr Airpark, there’s something here for everyone.

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