Meaning of Affordable

In order to understand the meaning of the term affordable, it is necessary to first know its etymological origin. In this case, we can expose that it derives from Latin, since it comes from the Latin verb “assequor”, which can be translated as “to reach” or “to follow until reaching something”.

This adjective is used to qualify what is within reach or that is possible to achieve.

When buying any product or item, keep in mind that the affordable adjective is widely used. Specifically, an item is considered to be when it fits into the buyer’s pocket, that is, when most ordinary citizens can buy it because it has a cheap price.

Affordable is often confused with a similar notion: accessible. Both ideas share the meaning linked to what is easy to understand. Thus, it is possible to say that a book is “affordable” or “accessible” for youth readers.

Beyond this meaning, there are differences between affordable and accessible. When a thing can be bought since it is available or its price is not very high, it is classified as “affordable”. For example: “We offer a very affordable savings plan so that everyone can buy their car 0 km”, “Currently traveling to Europe is quite affordable due to the strength of our currency”, “The store they opened in the center offers top brand clothing at affordable prices. ”

Accessible, on the other hand, is related to what is possible to access without great problems or to the kind and gentle individual. That is why it should not be said that a winding road with wells “is not affordable”, but “is not accessible”, to mention a possibility.

The affordable word, on the other hand, is used in the field of sport to refer to the rival who, due to his level or his background, can be beaten: “The Argentine team had a group with affordable rivals”, “The Serbian tennis player will an affordable opponent in the first round of Wimbledon, “” There are no affordable opponents for our team. ”

Within international soccer competitions it is very common to use the term that we are now dealing with. Thus, either in the World Cup or in the Champions League, for example, it is common for teams to be awaiting the draw of pairings. And they do not hesitate to “cross” their fingers so that affordable rivals can touch them. That is, teams that due to their quality, their level or the players that shape them can be easy to defeat in any match.

Precisely for this reason the teams that have had other affordable ones will be happier because that benefits them insofar as they will have more possibilities to defeat them and, therefore, to continue passing phases until reaching the grand final. For example, in the aforementioned Champions League the groups do not want to be touched by teams like FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, because they are not affordable.


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