Meaning of Asphalt

The Greek term √°sphaltos derived in the Latin asphaltus and then, in our language, asphalt. The notion refers to the substance derived from the petroleum distillation process that is used as a coating or pavement.

Asphalt can also be found in natural deposits, although the most used is that derived from oil. In this second case, it is made up of hydrocarbons that are not volatile and persist after refining crude oil. Many times it is mixed with other substances, such as sand, to coat or pave different surfaces.

With a sticky consistency and black color, the asphalt can be easily expanded. A large number of streets, highways, and highways around the world are made of asphalt as the material has good stress resistance, is adherent, and is waterproof.

Thanks to these characteristics, the asphalt is ideal to promote the movement of vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. Dirt or sand roads, on the other hand, can become unusable due to rainfall and hinder the advance of means of transport.

The production of tiles and tiles and the manufacture of roofs can also be developed with asphalt, a substance that is sometimes confused with tar (which is usually derived from wood or coal).

A film that is directed by Daniel Calparsoro and that was released in 2000 and a rock band founded in Spain in 1972 are named Asfalto.

Around twenty albums shape the discography of this musical group, which has among its most significant songs some such as “Captain Trueno”, “It is our time”, “More than an intention” or “Plastic Woman”.

Nawja Nimri, Gustavo Salmerón, Antonia San Juan or Juan Diego Botto are some of the main actors who shaped the cast of the aforementioned film. It is a drama that takes as its protagonist a young woman who is seeking life as she can in Madrid and who maintains romantic relationships with two petty criminals.

They live day by day, but are willing to risk everything in order to improve their situation. So they can’t think of anything else but to plan the theft of an important cache of drugs. In this way, they could sell them and then, with the money obtained, start a new life in a city outside of Spain such as Amsterdam.

Within the literary field, we find a long list of novels that use the word that concerns us in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of “The Asphalt Jungle”, written by William R. Burnett.

It is a book that is part of the crime novel genre that takes as its protagonist a legendary and dangerous criminal who, after many years in prison, is going to go out on the street after serving his sentence. When he does, he will soon have a goal: to steal a major jewelry store, for which he will have the help of a top lawyer.


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