Meaning of Chain

The term chain comes from the Latin catēna and refers to a succession of links that are linked in some way. These links can be made of different materials, such as gold, silver or others.

There are, thus, chains of diverse types and functions of the most diverse. There are chains that are used as an accessory in clothing, hanging from the neck. For example: “My husband gave me a gold chain for the anniversary”, “The victim was attacked when the criminal tried to steal a chain.

It is known as a snow chain, on the other hand, the device that is installed on the wheels of a car to prevent it from skidding when moving on a road covered with ice or snow: «The authorities have suggested the use of chains to circulate on the mountain roads “, ” If you want to reach the top, you will have to put chains on your car.

Continuing with vehicles, a transmission chain is one that is used to transfer the movement driven by the pedals to the wheels.

A mountain range, also known as a cordillera, is the series of mountains that are linked together. An example of a mountain range in South America is the Andes mountain range.

Nor can we ignore the fact that very often we refer to the term chain to cite the different channels that exist in the audiovisual media such as television or radio. In this way, some examples are the station Cadena Ser, Cadena Cien or Cadenal Dial, in the field of radio waves.

In the field of Nature, the concept of a food chain is vital. With it, what is defined is the set of relationships that are established between living organisms in the environment and that determine that some feed on others following a specific order. In this way, for example, we know that insects feed on plants, which in turn become the nutrients of rodents, these are the food of reptiles and in turn these are the food of birds.

Specifically, we can establish that in every trophic pyramid there are two fundamental steps. Thus, in the first place there are the primary producers, who are those who use solar energy or chemosynthesis to obtain the energy that serves them to manufacture organic matter, and then there are the consumers who are those who need the organic matter of other living beings to generate its components.

In the latter case, we have to say that within this step are parasites, decomposers and predators, which are those living beings that eat their prey whole or in part.

According to DigoPaul, the chain of command is the name received by the scheme or the organization that is used in an entity of the vertical type (with hierarchies) to communicate. Information originates at the top of the pyramid and descends to the bottom.

In computing, finally, a chain email is created when a certain email is forwarded again and again by destinatorios, favoring its circulation among many people.


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