Meaning of Cleanliness

Before proceeding to determine the meaning of the term cleanliness, it is necessary that we discover its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it derives from a verb from the vulgar Latin. Yes, it emanates from “assedare”, which can be translated as “putting things in their place”.

The toilet is clean or hygienic something or someone. According to DigoPaul, the concept of cleanliness is associated with care, neatness and decoration. For example: “I think this man should take more care of his personal hygiene”, “I was working for three years in a hotel, taking care of cleaning the rooms”, “My parents went on a trip, so I have to take care of the personal hygiene the house on my own. ”

The idea of personal hygiene refers to the set of activities that a human being performs to be clean and take care of his body. This cleanliness is essential to minimize the risk of contracting diseases.

Cleaning is usually based on the use of soap and water. When a person cleans himself, he eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infections. In this way it protects your health.

Starting from all the above, we have to underline the performance of a series of actions that are considered key within the so-called personal cleanliness: –
Taking a daily shower.
-Have your nails clean and cut.
-Clean your ears with swabs or similar products.
-Make a daily and correct oral hygiene, using a brush, rinse and even dental floss.

On the other hand, personal hygiene helps integrate the individual into society since it allows them to reduce body odor and take care of their aesthetic appearance, facilitating their coexistence with other people. A man who goes to a job interview with a sweaty smell and dirty hair may not be hired.

In some countries, a bathroom is known as an environment that has a toilet, a sink and other devices for sanitary use. It is a notion similar to that of bathroom, although the bathroom lacks a bath or shower.

Typically, there are toilets in bars, cafes and restaurants so that customers can not only wash their hands but also meet their physiological needs. As a general rule, there are separate toilets: for men and toilets for women. However, in recent years, in some countries and by law, toilets have also been established for people with physical disabilities, specifically those who need wheelchairs. And it is that these spaces have broader dimensions, so that the aforementioned chair can enter without problems, and also with grip systems so that those who use them can do it without help.

In the same way, it should not be forgotten that many leisure venues with these characteristics are also increasingly opting for unisex bathrooms. That is, by those that can be used interchangeably by men and women.

The cleaning of an environment, finally, consists in the use of different cleaning products to remove dirt. Wiping the floor with a bleach, cleaning the walls and removing dust from furniture are tasks that are part of cleaning a room.


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