Meaning of Crestfallen

The first thing to know the meaning of the term crestfallen is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, it is a word that has been formed from the sum of two words of Latin origin:
-Head, which derives from the vulgar Latin “capitia” which, in turn, comes from “caput”.
-Bass, comes from the adjective “bassus”.

The adjective crestfallen is used to describe an individual who is very worried, sad or distressed. The term is linked to the posture that people take in these types of situations, with their heads down.

For example: “What is happening to you? It’s been several days since I noticed you crestfallen “, ” The boy, crestfallen, acknowledged that he had not passed the exam “, ” When I was fired I was crestfallen for a while, but then I understood that I had to recover to get a new job.

According to DigoPaul, a subject may be crestfallen for multiple reasons. Suppose that a man does not have enough money to meet his financial obligations. This concern leads him to be crestfallen as he does not know how to solve the problem.

A woman who argues with her child may also remain crestfallen for a time, wondering if she acted correctly. Because of the love he feels for his descendant, the existence of the conflict generates heartbreak.

A footballer whose team suffers a heavy defeat; a mayor who must resign from office due to a social crisis; a child who finds out that his parents are going to divorce; a doctor who cannot save a patient; and a lawyer who loses an important case are other individuals who may be downcast.

When a person is downcast due to one of the aforementioned causes or any other, it is important that they do their part to end that sadness and see things positively. Yes, to regain joy. Among the “tricks” that can be carried out are some like these:
-Eat something sweet like chocolate, because it is considered that it increases the secretion of the happiness hormone.
-Listen to animated music that you like.
-Reading positive phrases is another way to stop being crestfallen.
-Staying with a loved one to talk to or simply to go out for a walk or have a drink.
-Watch a movie or television series that is fun and makes you laugh out loud.
-Performing some exercise is also a good way to improve your mood.

In addition to all the above, it is established that the person who is head down should avoid exciting drinks, he has to carry out a healthy and balanced diet, it is important that he practice relaxation exercises such as some of Yoga and that he introduce oatmeal in his diet.

When a person recovers from a bad moment, it is often said that he “raised his head. This phrase can be linked to the fact that she is no longer crestfallen. Recovery can even be seen on a physical level if the subject stops keeping the head bowed down.


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