Delivery Note

Meaning of Delivery Note

A delivery note is a document accompanying a delivery of goods. Companies that manufacture and supply goods exhibit them. The basis for this is an order from a business or private customer. With the help of a delivery note, the customer has a quick overview of the incoming goods and can check the delivered goods. He can determine whether all the goods that are listed on the delivery note are actually included in the scope of delivery.

What is a delivery note?

According to USVSUKENGLISH.COM, the delivery note is also known as an accompanying document and is sent together with the delivered goods . He provides information about the delivered goods. Not all goods that have been ordered are actually delivered. If not all goods are available, this must be noted on the delivery note. The goods documented in the delivery note ideally match the actual goods receipt and the goods listed on the invoice .

Necessary information

In order for a delivery note to be used as the basis for checking incoming goods, you must provide important information:

  • Names of the supplier and recipient
  • Order number / order name
  • Date of order and delivery
  • Quantity and description of the individual goods (packing list)
  • possibly individual prices of the goods
  • possible subsequent deliveries

A delivery note serves as a document, it is a certificate. Just like an offer and an order confirmation , you must keep it for six years. Both the recipient of the goods and the issuer of the delivery note must keep the delivery note for six years.

When you issue a delivery note, you must keep a copy of it. If your delivery note also serves as an invoice, you must keep it for ten years. When you create a delivery note, you normally do not enter any prices unless it is also the invoice. Then you have to indicate prices.

Electronic storage

As mentioned above, you have to keep delivery notes for a period of 6 years . But not always in the original. If you do business cases for several years, all the documents would otherwise pile up. For this reason, companies and individuals are allowed to record delivery notes electronically . However, you must ensure that the delivery notes match the original document both visually and in terms of content. To do this, you can scan the documents. However, you should ensure that the receipt stamp is clearly legible, otherwise the document will lose its validity.

If the delivery of goods is different

The delivery note is used to check the delivery of goods . If the goods cannot be completely delivered, the supplier must indicate this. He must indicate whether the goods will be delivered later and when they are expected to be delivered. If goods cannot be delivered, the supplier must also indicate this. If the delivery of goods does not match the delivery note, the recipient of the goods must inform the supplier of this. If too many goods or goods not listed on the delivery note are delivered, the customer can return the goods or arrange for the supplier to collect them.

However, he can also keep the goods and receives an additional invoice from the supplier. If not all goods that are listed on the delivery note are delivered, the customer can request a subsequent delivery. He can receive a credit for this .

No obligation for a delivery note

While you have to write an invoice for delivered goods, creating a delivery note is not mandatory . You can write one, but it’s not required by law. The customer can also check the completeness of the delivery of goods on the basis of an invoice that contains all information about the goods.

In most cases, however, a delivery note is created. If the customer has checked the completeness of the goods, the delivery note serves as the basis for the factual examination of the invoice. In most cases, the invoice is sent separately from the delivery note. In the digital age, a company can also create an electronic delivery note . Immediately after the goods have been dispatched, the data on the consignment of goods can be sent electronically to the customer, provided that the customer agrees to this.

Delivery Note

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