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As a salesperson, you also have to bill for your work. Such an invoice must contain certain components and mandatory information so that it meets the legal requirements.

The most important direct sales companies in Germany

According to HOWSMB.COM, in Germany there are some companies that are completely focused on direct sales. The following list will help you to get an overview of the extent to which they are active. There you will find the 10 most important direct sales companies and all information at a glance with sales in descending order.

Companies Useful information


The manufacturer of computers and other hardware operates worldwide and has annual sales of around 74 billion dollars.


This company is known as a manufacturer of assembly and fastening technology. The annual turnover is around 5 billion euros.


Certainly one of the best known direct selling companies. Known for vacuum cleaners and the well-known Thermomix. Together, Vorwerk has an annual turnover of more than 3 billion euros.


This is a cable network operator from Germany. The company has an annual turnover of around 2.2 billion euros.


Bofrost is one of the best-known direct sales companies in Germany. The main focus is on home delivery of frozen goods and ice cream. The annual turnover is around 742 million euros.


Who does not know the Tupperware products and the associated legendary Tupperware parties in private households. The direct sale of kitchen and household items made of plastic brings the company an annual turnover of around 213 million euros

ProWIN Winter GmbH

The manufacturer of wellness products and cleaning agents primarily for private households has an annual turnover of around 134 million euros.

AMC Alfa Metalcraft Corporation

This company is one of the world leaders in the sale of stainless steel cookware. The annual turnover is around 108 million euros.


The PartyLite company acts as a distributor of home accessories and candles. That brings in an annual turnover of around 10 million euros.

Dildo fair

It has become a very popular company in a short period of time. Direct sales of personal care products and sex toys. The holding of so-called dildo parties is particularly popular with women. The annual turnover is around 10 million euros.

Is direct sales still worthwhile these days?

You will certainly ask yourself whether this form of direct sales is still worthwhile at all. After all, it cannot be denied that we live in fast-moving times. More and more people are shopping online, also due to a lack of time. But the numbers on direct selling speak a different language and year after year, companies with direct selling can increase their numbers. But why is that? What is the secret of this type of distribution and what does it have above other forms of distribution?

The answer may surprise you a little. But the big advantage of direct sales is personal advice. It is true that many people only shop in online shops , or more often than average . But shopping here is impersonal. Sure, many shops offer the option to start a chat. But this is not particularly personal either. Nowadays people are no longer interested in buying cheaply. They want advice, they want to find out something about the product, they want a recommendation. A new pair of jeans or a new blouse may be quick and easy to buy online.

But what about a product that requires a lot of advice? And this is exactly where the great advantage of direct sales lies. You get a competent contact person, all questions and problems can be solved in direct contact. The next advantage is that you, as a customer or prospective buyer, can touch the goods. You see them in real life and can even try them out and test them.

Every third item in online retail is returned. Not even every hundredth in direct sales.

Decision between direct sales or indirect sales

As a founder, you have to ask yourself right from the start which sales strategy is the best for you. As an entrepreneur, your first priority is to bring your products or services to potential customers. They don’t come to you, that is and will remain a pipe dream. So you have to take action yourself. You have to develop a strategy for how you want to market your offer and what the process of your sales should look like. After that, the next step is to choose between direct sales or indirect sales.

What is indirect sales?

In contrast to direct sales, indirect sales do not sell your goods directly to the customer. With this type of distribution, you use the help of middlemen. This means that you deliver your goods to a shopkeeper, for example, and they will include your products in their offer. Indirect sales are one of the most common forms in sales.

Direct Sales 2

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