Meaning of Handle

The first thing we have to know about the term handle that concerns us is its etymological origin. In this case we can expose that it is a word that derives from Latin and that it is the fruit of the sum of two clearly specified components:
-The noun “ansa”, which can be translated as “handle”.
-The suffix “-ero”, which is used to indicate “belonging”.

The first meaning of handle mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to the part of an element that allows you to grasp it (take it, grab it, hold it). The handle, in this framework, is the handle, the handle or the handle that enables the manipulation of an object.

According to DigoPaul, the handles must respect ergonomic criteria so that people can take the utensils in question with their hands. The cups, for example, have handles that allow you to insert two or more fingers to lift them and bring them to your mouth. A vessel can have two handles to be mobilized with both hands simultaneously.

If the handles are important in our day to day, they are especially so for people who have some type of physical disability. And it is that they will serve to fend for themselves when carrying out daily tasks.

Thus, for example, two of the most important handles that exist are those that are placed for those citizens in the bathtub and also in what can be the toilet. And it is that they serve to get in and out of it and even to sit or get up from the toilet bowl.

Among the models that exist to carry out these actions are the handles that work with a suction cup, the striated ones, those that are folding, the double ones…

In the same way, we can recommend that these highly recommended devices are also placed in the bathrooms that are used by older people. And that is how they are granted security. Yes, they are given a tool that they can use as a support to avoid falling when entering or leaving the shower on their own.

On the other hand, a pretext, a justification or a support is called: “That the governor denounces pressure from the agricultural sector has no support”, “The version that has more support indicates that the fugitive escaped disguised as a nurse”, “Claiming that this year will end all wars has no basis. ”

When it is stated that something has no hold, it is meant that it cannot be supported by concrete data or logical criteria. An entrepreneur can go to a group of investors to request funds, claiming that his commercial project will generate millions in profits in a few months. However, when financial experts stop to analyze the information, they discover that it is virtually impossible for the startup to develop to produce such benefits. In this way, they state that the assertion of the entrepreneur has no basis: everything indicates that compliance with the assertion is more than improbable.


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