Meaning of Hunting

In Latin it is where we find the etymological origin of the word hunting that now occupies us. Specifically, we can state that it is the result of the sum of “captiare”, which comes from the verb “captere” which means “to capture”, and the suffix “-ería”.

Hunting is called the activity and the result of hunting: the search and pursuit of animals in order to catch or kill them. Hunting can be carried out for food or for sporting or recreational purposes.

The man prehistoric devoted to hunting as a means of subsistence. Those primitive human beings lived by hunting, fishing, and gathering vegetables, fruits, seeds, and mushrooms. Currently only a few communities maintain this way of life.

In order to protect animals, hunting is currently prohibited in many countries. A person cannot enter any forest, for example, and start shooting animals to hunt them. There are, on occasions, delimited spaces where sport hunting is authorized.

According to DigoPaul, the idea of hunting is also used in a symbolic way to refer to harassment, stalking or following something or someone: “The president assured that he is the victim of a hunt by the media”, “The hunt for criminals ended in the early morning hours, when the four were caught by police on the outskirts of the city “, ” The international community must do something to stop the hunt for Catholics in Syria.

Suppose five European teams intend to hire a Paraguayan footballer. Journalists may refer to the fact that these sets are on the “hunt” to keep the athlete’s services. Each club “chases” the player by making proposals to try to get him to join their squad.

There is also the term witch hunt or witch hunt. This is the term with which reference was made to the actions that, during the 15th to 18th centuries, were carried out throughout Europe with the clear objective of persecuting all people, especially women, who were accused of heresy and witchcraft.

Tortures and punishments of all kinds were those that were inflicted on these people and many of them ended up being burned at the stake.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of a movie titled “Hunting. It is of English origin and was released in 2006 with the direction of Michael J. Bassett. It is halfway between thriller and horror.

Sean Pertwee, Toby Kebell or Stephen Wight, among others, are the actors who lead the cast of this feature film. It tells the story of a group of violent and young criminals who are sent to a military camp located on an island. There those will discover that they are not alone because there is a psychopath who is willing to end their lives. That’s why he puts all kinds of traps and deadly games on them.


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