Meaning of Regular

Regular is a notion that, according to what is indicated in the dictionary of the DigoPaul, has its etymological origin in the Latin word assiduus. It is an adjective that qualifies what is habitual, usual, constant or persistent.

For example: “The murdered man was a regular customer of the bar”, “My son is a regular at rock concerts”, “I am a regular user of social networks as these are technological tools that help me spread my work “.

The term assiduous is an antonym of occasional, sporadic, casual or haphazard. Suppose a man has dined every Saturday at the same restaurant for fifteen years. It can be said that this subject is a regular diner of the gastronomic establishment in question. Instead, a young man who attended the restaurant only three times in a decade is an occasional customer.

A person can be assiduous to multiple places: to a restaurant, a bar, a summer resort, a library, a museum, etc. There is no exact number of visits that make the subject a regular in a place. The concept is relative and subjective and its validity generally depends on the context.

Many people are assiduous, as we have mentioned, to a leisure place and they can be for many reasons, such as these:
-It is close to their homes and allows them to have a drink without having to be aware after taking the car or a means public transportation to return home.
-They find an environment and music that is pleasant to them, in which they feel comfortable and that they like.
-The range of drinks or meals offered on the premises they like.
-The establishment meets the expectations and conditions appropriate to your preferences in terms of decoration, cleaning or general hygiene.
-The professionals who are in charge of the premises are pleasant and have a close touch, and even become acquaintances and friends.

The term assiduous is also used very frequently in television. Specifically, it is used to refer to the group of people who usually work in different programs as collaborators or commentators. Thus, when a professional is very common to go regularly to work in that space, they are said to be a regular collaborator. And that same concept is then used in the same way in what are other media such as radio and even the written press.

Thus there are, for example, politicians, celebrities and even journalists who are regular contributors to newspapers making their corresponding opinion articles on a host of topics.

The fact of “being assiduous” can be positive, negative or lack qualification. That a footballer is a regular member of the national team of his country reveals that he maintains a high level. An assiduous subject to the police stations since the police usually arrest him, for his part, he has problems with the law and can be a dangerous individual.


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