SATA Cable

Meaning of SATA Cable

According to abbreviationfinder, SATA is an acronym for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It is an interface that, in the field of computing, allows information to be transferred between the motherboard (also called motherboard or motherboard) and various storage devices (such as an optical disk drive or a hard or hard disk drive).

The SATA cable, therefore, is the element that physically connects the motherboard with the storage devices. When opening the cabinet of many computers (computers), in this way, we can observe how the SATA cable links the motherboard with the hard disk and the DVD-ROM drive, for example.

When SATA cables emerged, the speed and data transmission capacity were improved over the connectors that were used before. Connections and configurations were also facilitated, which can even be done with the equipment turned on.

The first generation of SATA cables enabled data transfers of 150MB per second. That speed was doubled with SATA II cables, capable of transferring 300MB per second. The third generation, known as SATA III, again doubled the speed to transfer up to 600MB of data per second.

In addition to all the above, we have to establish another series of relevant aspects about the SATA cable. Specifically, we can determine that among the different types that exist, the following can be highlighted:
-SATA standard cable.
-Mini SATA. It is also known as mSATA and is characterized by the fact that it offers a throughput of up to 6 Gbit / s.
-External SATA, which responds in the same way to the eSATA name. It has a length of up to 2 meters.

Compared to the IDE standard, the SATA cable –which uses a serial bus to transfer information– has a series of main advantages, including some such as these that we expose you below:
-It has and offers higher speed than other devices with similar characteristics.
-Remarkable performance improvement when using computers and peripherals of different kinds.
-Gives the possibility of connecting several devices to the same computer at the same time when it is on.
-In this list of advantages that the SATA cable brings is that it has more comfortable dimensions when using it. Specifically, it is thinner and has a shorter length than others and can therefore measure a maximum of 1 meter, approximately.
-Its price is much cheaper than that of other items that perform similar functions.
-Gives the possibility that the person can proceed to choose different types of SATA cable based on the transfer speed that is needed.
-The connection offered is point-to-point.

SATA Cable

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