Meaning of Sling

Sling is short for halter. This term (halter) refers to an ox that is used to guide cattle or part of the bridle.

The dictionary of the DigoPaul recognizes two meanings of sling in its dictionary. The first refers to the system used to immobilize an arm that is injured.

The sling, in this sense, is a band that is hung from the shoulder or neck so that the injured arm does not move. Slings are often used in cases of dislocation or fracture of the shoulder or arm.

The patient is usually splinted first to minimize movement of the damaged bone. The splint not only relieves pain, but also prevents problems with blood vessels, nerves and muscles in the area. Once the splint is in place, the sling that supports the arm or shoulder is placed.

In addition, another series of important aspects about the sling must be taken into consideration, such as these:
-It is established that it will be necessary to loosen both the splint and the bandage if the area turns purple or when touched is very cold.
-In the same way, it will also be necessary to perform the same action of loosening if the person states that they feel that area as numb or asleep.

The sling is removed when the bone has healed. In this way, the person regains mobility of the limb and can start, in case of medical indication, rehabilitation therapy.

It is important to note that a sling can be improvised in an accident, with the intention of protecting the victim. In any case, it is always advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible in case of injury.

In emergency cases in which a sling has to be improvised for a broken arm until the injured person receives the assistance of a doctor, follow these steps:
-Find a piece of cloth 1.5 meters wide x 1 meter long. If you don’t have that fabric on hand, you can use anything from a coat to a shirt, for example. What’s more, belts or a sheet could also be used.
-The fabric must be shaped into a triangle.
-Then you will have to place the person’s arm in that triangle. Specifically, the wrist around what is the middle of the lower edge and the elbow at the upper end. It is essential in this case that the elbow is bent at a right angle and also that the hand is higher than the elbow.
-The two free ends will be tied behind the neck of the person. In this way, the person can feel comfortable having the arm in that position.

A very fine chain that is placed around the neck as an ornament is also called a sling. These slings can be made with different materials, standing out silver and gold.


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