Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska

Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska

According to Educationvv, the Northwest Arctic Borough is located in the Alaskan Arctic region and is the largest borough in the state of Alaska. It covers an area of over 20,000 square miles and has a population of around 7,500 people. The borough was established in 1986 and encompasses several communities including Kotzebue, Selawik, Kivalina, Noatak, Shungnak, Ambler, Buckland and Deering.

The Northwest Arctic Borough is home to some of Alaska’s most spectacular landscapes. It features glaciers, mountains, rivers and tundra that provide a unique experience for visitors from all over the world. Additionally, the borough is also home to a wide variety of wildlife including polar bears, caribou, muskoxen and many more.

The economy of the Northwest Arctic Borough is mainly based on hunting and fishing which are two of its main resources. Additionally, there are several gold mines located throughout the region which provide employment opportunities for those living in this area. There are also several oil fields located nearby which bring additional revenue to this region.

The local government in the Northwest Arctic Borough consists of five elected representatives who serve on a board called “The Council”. This board meets regularly to discuss issues relating to public safety as well as economic development within the region. Additionally, they also work closely with local businesses to ensure that they are able to operate successfully within this area.

The Northwest Arctic Borough provides a unique experience for both visitors and residents alike due to its vast landscapes as well as its rich cultural heritage. With its abundance of natural resources and thriving economy, it has become one of Alaska’s most popular tourist destinations.

History of Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska

The Northwest Arctic Borough has a long and varied history, stretching back centuries before the region was officially established in 1986. The earliest inhabitants of the area were Inupiat people who migrated to the area from Siberia. These early settlers lived off the land, hunting and fishing for their sustenance. In time, they developed a rich culture that included storytelling, dancing and art that celebrated their unique way of life.

In the late 19th century, European explorers began to venture into Alaska’s Arctic regions in search of wealth and adventure. This influx of outsiders had a major impact on the native population as they were forced to adapt to new ways of life and government policies. Eventually, this led to a series of treaties between the United States government and local tribes which allowed for more autonomy among native populations.

In 1936, Congress passed legislation establishing Alaska as an organized territory with its own constitution and laws. During this time, many communities within what is now known as Northwest Arctic Borough began to spring up with several gold mines being established in areas such as Kotzebue and Shungnak. These gold mining operations provided employment opportunities for local residents who were looking for ways to make a living in this increasingly industrialized region.

In 1986, Northwest Arctic Borough was officially established after residents voted in favor of forming their own borough government under Alaska’s borough system of local governance. Since then, the borough has experienced rapid growth due to its abundant natural resources and favorable economic conditions which have attracted investment from all over the world. Today, Northwest Arctic Borough is one of Alaska’s most popular tourist destinations due to its spectacular landscapes and vibrant culture.

Major cities and towns in Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska

According to, the Northwest Arctic Borough is home to several major cities and towns, each with its own unique character and attractions. The largest city in the borough is Kotzebue, which serves as the regional hub for commerce, transportation, and government services. Kotzebue is situated on a small island in the Chukchi Sea and is known for its vibrant Inupiat culture as well as its recreational opportunities such as fishing and snowmobiling.

Next is Kivalina, a small village located on the tip of a barrier reef. Kivalina has been inhabited by Inupiat people for centuries and is home to some of Alaska’s oldest archaeological sites. Despite its size, Kivalina provides some of Alaska’s best views of the Chukchi Sea and offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities such as bird watching, camping, kayaking, and more.

Noatak is another major town in Northwest Arctic Borough that lies along the Noatak River near Gates of the Arctic National Park. This scenic town offers visitors an opportunity to explore pristine wilderness areas while still enjoying plenty of modern amenities such as lodging options and restaurants.

Finally, Shungnak is situated at the headwaters of Kobuk River where it meets three other rivers – Ambler River, Noatak River, and Selawik River – making it an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts looking for excellent salmon runs during the summer months. It also boasts a rich cultural heritage with many traditional Inupiat activities taking place throughout the year such as dog sledding races or traditional music festivals.

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for in Northwest Arctic Borough you’ll find something that suits your needs. From stunning landscapes to vibrant cultures, there’s something here for everyone.

Airports in Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska

Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska

The Northwest Arctic Borough is served by three airports – Kotzebue Airport, Kivalina Airport, and Noatak Airport. Located in the heart of the borough, Kotzebue Airport is the busiest of the three and serves as a hub for regional air transportation. It is equipped with a single asphalt runway that can accommodate large aircrafts and offers daily flights to Anchorage and other major cities in Alaska.

Kivalina Airport is located on a small island off the coast of Kivalina and provides service to several destinations throughout Alaska. It has a single gravel runway with multiple taxiways that are suitable for smaller aircrafts. This airport also offers charter services to other villages throughout the borough as well as recreational flights for sightseeing purposes.

Noatak Airport is located near Gates of the Arctic National Park and provides service to surrounding villages in Northwest Arctic Borough. It has two asphalt runways – one for larger aircrafts and another for smaller planes – as well as several taxiways suitable for both types of planes. The airport also offers charter services to other villages within the borough as well as Anchorage or Fairbanks when requested.

These three airports provide access to many of Alaska’s most remote areas while still offering visitors all the modern amenities they may need during their stay in Northwest Arctic Borough including lodging options, car rental services, restaurants, shopping centers, and more.

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